Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Message from PCDE Text

re podcasts... How do you make them avail re Internet. Security / hosting issues? I would like to know more re this.

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  1. There are various places you can host podcasts. If your school has Glow, you may be able to store the audio files on Glow and make them available through Glow Blogs.

    If you do not have Glow, you could try a free service like Posterous. The EDUtalk site is a good a example of a Posterous podcasting site and helpfully gives a brief tutorial on how you can record and upload audio with a number of easy to use tools.

    A third option is to use a specialist podcasting website such as Podomatic. Podomatic can be used for free, can record (or let you upload) and store your podcasts. You can make podcasts private or public and can submit them to iTunes too if you want.