Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Message from PCDE Text

How do we control students use of cell phones in class? Ie. Instant messaging that gets distracting. Or using facebook in math class.


  1. As I said in the lecture. The problem is the distracted child not the technology. The Devil finds work for idle hands - it is not just technology that distracts. How many of you were distracted by a game of noughts and crosses in school or by a seagull in the playground, or...

    Clearly phones can be used inappropriately but so can a pencil (and I bore the scar on my hand for many years as proof of the latter!). If the pupils are doing something they shouldn't be, perhaps the problem is with the task rather than the technology.

  2. I allow my classes to use phones for:
    a) Spelling (predictive texting is great for this)
    b) Research,
    c) as their homework planner (using the diary/alarm function)
    d) as cameras for 'instant' films...

    There are loads of other ways to use them... But you have to be very clear about how and why they are allowed to use them... And not be afraid to withdraw their use if they abuse the privilege.

  3. See my reply to the other phone post for this. They're like any other tool. Fine when used for the right purpose and the trick is to teach such appropriate and timely use.