Friday, 2 September 2011

Is there an app for glow to use on ipad?
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  1. There isn't a dedicated iPad app yet...

    Some parts of Glow can be viewed in Safari (or other browser), however, you don't have full editing access.

    Glow 2.0 which is set for sometime in the next couple of years should fix a lot of these issues... We hope! ;-)

  2. I really hope that the folk designing Glow 2 are thinking hard about this. Not so much about iPads but about different ways of dong things. EG the addition of WordPress blogs to glow was great but the way the security and accounts were implemented means that the MetaWebLogAPI (that lets you blog from iPads apps and other interesting things) does not work.

  3. Accesing glow groups, taking part in online discussions, viewing Glow blogs/wikis, etc. shouldn't be a problem but some resources will be trickier or impossible to access - for example Glow TV.

    So, not entirely inaccessible on tablet devices and still usable up to a point.