Thursday, 1 September 2011

Message from PGDE Text

Fixed the mispront in the header. From now on it should say PGDE!


  1. HI David! Tried to text a question, but I missed have made a mistake... wanted to pick your brain about Keynote. I have a mac, but I am wondering if I should by Powerpoint or keynote for presentations? Ive heard keynote is great, but im wondering if all the schools will use powerpoint, so when i go to save my files as pp, the formating will all be lost.. what are your thoughts?

  2. The Keynote to Powerpoint conversion is OK I use both and like aspects of both. I think the printing of handouts on Powerpoint is better for example but I like the way Keynote bundles everything up so you dont lose a video (for example) when you move to another machine. Having said that, it's difficult to resist the gravitational pull of Microsoft Office!

    P.S. Most likely, you just missed the keyword at the start of the text.