Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Message from PGDE Text

message are we still going to get access to glow with our strath accounts? Do you know when or am I logging in wrongly. I added 'us' but think u said something about being sent a new password? Ps loved the song on four capacities x@

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  1. Glow is a separate system and not managed by the university. The best we could manage was that your Glow ID will be your uni ID but with "us" at the front. So, if you log onto university systems as jmp119865 then you would be usjmp119865 on Glow.

    However, your password will be completely different and you will not be able to log on until we send you a Glow password. The technical people assure me that PGDE students are being processed now, so you should be sent Glow login details within the next couple of weeks (and with a bit of luck, before the Induction Block placement starts).

    Watch your mailbox for the Glow login details.