Monday, 5 September 2011

Message from PGDE Text

We were told we could connect our strathclyde email to our personal email, how do u go about doing this?

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  1. From IT Services FAQ:

    Q. How do I re-direct my email?

    You can setup a re-direct rule that will automatically re-direct incoming email to another address of your choosing. Note that a copy of the original email will still reside within your Exchange mailbox and will be subject to mailbox quotas.

    Login to Nemo (using IE 6 or above);
    Select Options, and then click Rules;
    Click New Rule;
    Click Create a new rule for arriving messages;;
    Click Forward or Redirect under Do the following;
    Select Redirect the message to people;
    In the middle of the window select People or Distribution lists;
    At the TO: field near the bottom of the screen enter the address to redirect mail to;
    Click OK;
    Click Save to save the rule.