Friday, 2 September 2011

Message from PGDE Text

i heard glow is on its way out, is this true?


  1. Glow is too valuable, and too much has been invested in it for it to go.

    What you might have heard is that it is being replaced... But it won't be for a wee while. The Scottish Government are currently going through the process of tendering for suppliers for what is generally called Glow 2.0. This should be much easier to use and will hopefully include many tools and resources that teachers have been asking for.

    Glow as it is is a great starting point, but few would say it was the most user friendly system in the world! ;-) As with any project of this magnitude, there will always be evolution and development.

  2. I think the ambition of the project is impressive and it has been getting steadily better. I agree with Neil, to borrow a phase, it is too big to fail.