Friday, 2 September 2011

Message from PGDE Text

is there any way to get first class to work on an iPad as you can't double click to get into messages?

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  1. Two solutions:

    1) Download the FirstClass app from the iTunes store. It is iPad aware and, while not über-slick, it does the business.

    2) Log in to the web version of Firstclas and tap the Preferences link in the left-hand column. There's a drop-down menu that's labelled "Web client interface". It probably says "FirstClass Enhanced". Change it to FirstClass Classic" then tap the Save button and Flo's your aunty. It doesn't look as pretty but you can now use it on your iPad. (Note, if you have a not very smart phone, you could try the mobile interface that gives an absolutely stripped back, no graphics mode of access.)